how well tap paste holds up

Tap-Paste is incredible at holding onto the tool head, or anything you put it on. It also improves the quality of thread drastically.

Tap-Paste is a thickened formula allowing it to encapsulate chips better than thinner oily formulas. As the tap pushes through, chips are forced out the bottom resulting in a cleanly tapped hole with less contamination.

freshly threaded hole

Tap Paste picture with tap

While Tap-Paste is incredible with stainless steel, it does great on exotic metals like hastelloy, monel, titanium, brass and copper.

16 oz newest picture

Tap-Paste has shown to dramatically change results when Tapping

  • With some tests showing the tap life increasing by an estimated 50% or more
  • Better quality of thread 
  • Easy to apply and stays on the tap better 
  • Non-Staining 
  • Works very well with exotic metals


Tap-Paste in Action

This is a 5 minute time lapse showing once you put Tap-Paste on the tool it will stay there