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Looking for a machine lubricant that can dramatically reduce your wear and tear on tool heads? Well you’ve come to the right place, we’ve created a machine lubricant that is incredible for tapping, drilling holes, reaming, broaching, knurling, and cutting. Whether you’re in a large machine shop or a hobby garage, Tap-Paste is easy to use, long lasting, and will get the job done. This pink elixir is unlike an other machine lubricant on the market. Our formula has a thicker consistency while still having the ability to be a liquid. This makes it incredibly easy to apply with little to none running off your metal or tool head. This consistency allows it to last way longer than normal liquid lubricants that easily run off the metal and tool head. A few drops of Tap-Paste is all it takes to easily complete a project. A single bottle can last you through dozens of projects. Working with lots of stainless steel? We’ve got great news for you, Tap-Paste will help you cut through stainless like its butter. But it doesn’t stop there its incredible for a variety of metals, from aluminum, brass, copper to the more exotic and heavier metals like hastelloy, monel, and titanium. The only metal we don’t recommend it on is magnesium. 

Tap-Paste is built to last and perfect for a variety of tasks. Some of its benefits include: 

  • Requires very little to be effective
  • Results in better quality of threads 
  • Longer life of taps and tool heads
  • Easy clean up
  • Works incredibly well and exotic metals 
  • Non-staining 
  • Easy to apply and stays on better 
  • Has a very long shelf life 
  • Made in America  


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