Tap-Paste is the machine lubricant for any and all metal projects. Tap-Paste was designed for tapping but is just as efficient for drilling holes, broaching, reaming, knurling, etc. It is unlike any other machine lubricants, Tap-Paste has the ability to hold on to the metal or tool head through the whole job. Yet will come off with ease when needed to. Its ability to hold onto the tool has led to a drastic reduction in tool wear and tear. Tap-Paste will carve through stainless steel like butter, but is equally fantastic on other metals like aluminum, brass, copper, hastelloy, monel, titanium, etc.

Tap-Paste Picture 2
Tap-Paste pic 10
freshly threaded hole

Tap-Paste Has Shown Incredible Results When Tapping

  • With Some Tests Showing The Tap Life Increasing By 50% In Life
  • Better Quality Of Thread 
  • Easy To Apply And Stays On The Tap Better 
  • Non-Staining 
  • Works Very Well With Exotic Metals
  • Made In America