Tap-Paste is a revolutionary product made unlike any other product on the market. Tap-Paste is made in the United States and designed for machinists by machinists. With the purpose of saving you money and time. Our product will maintain consistency on the tool head unlike our competitors, it stays on until the job is done. For anyone interested in seeing comparison tests, send us a message and we would be happy to send them your way. Our big thing is proving to machinist that this is a product that will succeed and improve your machining quality. The best way we have found to do that is through samples. Anyone that is interested in trying this product is welcome to email us and receive a completely free sample to try. Currently this offer is only for the United States. We are based in Oklahoma and have been thrilled to work with some of the largest machine shops in the state. We also really enjoy working with blacksmiths and hobby machinist. Tap-Paste is a product that is fantastic for any and all people that work with metal. Try it out and let us know what you think. 

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We have a lot of testimonial from our customers and recommend checking out our Instagram account to read more of them. One customer wrote:                                    “We were breaking a tap every 16 parts. We then switched to Tap-Paste. Since then we can tap 50 parts before changing taps, with no breakage.”

Another said ” I’ve used just about everything out there on the market. Tap-Paste is by far the BEST I have found. I will continue to use it on all of my stainless steel materials. The product goes a long way! Nothing better out there.”

Interested in becoming a distributor

We love getting an incredible product like Tap-Paste out to the market and helping machinist. We cant do it without the help of our distributors. We have several distributors throughout the United States, but still have gaps in many states. If your are interested in distributing Tap-Paste reach out to [email protected]. He’d love to go over the product with you in more detail and what it takes to become a distributor.